Baby On Board: Tips and Considerations for New Parents When Buying A Family Car

It’s quite common for new or first-time parents to consider purchasing a family car after welcoming their first-born child. After all, it’s more convenient and a lot safer for the family to have their vehicle, as compared to bringing the newborn (and the strollers, bags, etc.) in buses and trains, or other forms of public transport. However, picking out a family car is easier said than done, as there are factors such as space and child safety that need to be taken into account. So, before you start looking fora Skoda SUV for sale, it’s best to take note of these car-buying tips and considerations to help new/first-time parents choose the right family vehicle:

Do Your Research: Safety Ratings

To save you the time and trouble of testing out multiple cars in different dealerships, conduct in-depth research on car models with good safety ratings. While safety is always something one considers upon buying a vehicle, it should be of utmost importance for a family vehicle which would be transporting infants and children. That said, check the safety ratings and features of vehicles such as airbags, seatbelts, child safety features, and so on.

Bring Your Car Seat to the Showroom

Baby and toddler car seats ensure the comfort and safety of the baby while inside the vehicle. As such, don’t hesitate to buy and bring one when choosing and testing potential family cars in the showroom. The car should be able to accommodate your baby’s child seat properly — improperly installed or ill-fitting car seats can lead to injuries or worse. If the seat can’t be installed properly, or simply can’t fit, you should either try a different model or exchange for a different car seat model that might fit.

Consider the Space

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When buying your family vehicle, space is a huge factor. You have to take into account not only the family members who will be inside the vehicle but also all the equipment and items your family will be needing. That said, bring the stroller, baby bags, your grocery supplies, work equipment, and other things you may be bringing daily when inspecting the vehicle you wish to buy. Your family vehicle must be able to accommodate the entire family and also have enough space for your items and supplies. Additionally, it’s best to plan: you may be a family of three for now, but that number may grow to five or more in the future, so it would be a good idea to get a vehicle like an SUV or Station Wagon that can accommodate more family members.

Not Your Regular Test Drive

It should always be a standard practice for one to test drive the vehicle they’re interested in purchasing, whether it’s new or used. However, when testing out a family vehicle, you’d want to test it out in a way that mimics or emulates your every-day family life. To be more specific, bring your spouse along, together with the child (or at least a child seat with a doll). Apart from checking out how the car “feels”, you should try getting the baby (or at least a life-size doll) in and out of the vehicle before and after the test drive. Your family car should make it easy and convenient for you and your spouse to seat and retrieve the infant.


Choosing and buying the right family vehicle can be challenging, but with these tips, it can be a lot easier. The bottom line is that your vehicle should be safe for the baby and have enough space for everyone and also the equipment and items you’ll be storing and bringing along daily.

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