Car Care Tips for First Time Drivers

Cars can be costly, which is why we should never take them for granted. They should be well taken cared of, well maintained, and given the utmost tender loving care if we want them to last longer and take us safely to our destinations. As drivers, it is our responsibility to make sure that our car is in top shape before we use them for long drives. It is also our obligation to make sure that our passengers will arrive safely to wherever we are taking them.

But what types of maintenance do cars need and what are the things that should be done to keep them in top shape for the longest time possible? Below are some maintenance tips to make vehicles look brand new and well-kept even if they had already been used for quite some time.

Change the Oil

Changing oils regularly is important to keep the car moving seamlessly and without any problems while on the road. Changing oil provides several benefits. It cools the engine components by lubricating the various moving parts, including the pistons, valves, timing chains, crankshafts, and many more. Without proper lubrication, these parts of the vehicle can suffer from wear and tear. Too much friction can also lead to overheating of the car engine.

Changing oils also removes sludge and dirt that may have lodged in the car’s engines. Dirt that is left for long can cause erosion and can damage the engine, reducing its life. Regularly changing the oils can prolong the engine’s life and keep it in top condition.


The car can lose its luster when it is always used and kept running on the road. Especially with the harsh environment, the car’s paint can chip or can get dull over time. To keep the vehicle looking like it is brand new, it is recommended to have it repainted time after time. You can take it to a car painting shop, or you can paint the car yourself if you have the right materials and equipment. Painting the car inside an automotive painting booth is recommended. The booth helps you complete the car paint job safely and quickly.

Check the Brakes

The braking system of any vehicle plays a crucial part in ensuring the safety of the car owner, driver, and passengers. Well-maintained brakes can help avoid road accidents and any potential tragedy that may result due to faulty brakes. If not maintained, car braking systems can succumb to wear and tear and can deteriorate. Therefore, it is important to have it checked by a qualified technician regularly. The brake pads may also need replacements from time to time.

Check the Fluids

proper car maintenance

Automobiles use several types of fluids to run efficiently. These fluids should be kept at a certain level for the car to function properly. When these fluids leak or when they come to a lower level than required, the car may no longer function as expected. Check the following types of fluids regularly to make sure that your car will run properly when you take it to the road: transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, and the power steering fluid.

Replace the Wipers

Windshield wipers may not seem too important compared to the other parts of the car but they play a crucial part in making sure that you can drive your car safely. Windshield wipers are used to clear the windshield from rain, snow, pollen, frost, dirt, and other debris. They help maintain good visibility while driving. When they are worn out or damaged, they may not be able to function as intended, putting you and your passengers at risk during a ride.

That said, it is important to check them regularly and make sure that they are in top condition. If any damage to the wipers is noticed, you should replace them immediately to prevent any further damage.

Check the Hoses and Belts

Faulty hoses and belts can lead to car breakdowns while on the road. Serpentine belts, for instance, can lead to failure in all other systems of the car, making the problem even worse in the long run. Therefore, regular checking of these parts of your vehicle is important. Take the car to the technician on a regular basis if you have no background in car parts and maintenance. The technician can check everything for you and make sure that everything in your car is working properly.

You should also have your car washed on a regular basis. Regular check-ups are also highly recommended to maintain not only its luster but its excellent condition as well. Remember, paint can chip, belts can snap, fluids can get low, and many other problems may happen to your car without you knowing it if you do not have it checked on a regular basis. Finally, have your car insured. It helps cover for repairs if anything happens.

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