The Cool Features of Future Autonomous Vehicles

The popular sci-fi movie “Back to the Future” predicted that by 2015, cars would not be driving down the road. They will be flying in the air.

It has been years after 2015, and, so far, there are still no flying cars, and there will unlikely be one anytime soon. The next evolution of the automobile industry will not be flying cars but autonomous vehicles. Many automobile manufacturers, and even those that do not typically sell cars, are developing vehicles that navigate themselves through traffic without the aid of a human driver.

Although many analysts think it is still several years away, there is no doubt that autonomous cars are coming. One day, people will never drive again. Their cars will be their own chauffeurs that will bring them to their destinations.

It is an exciting future for automobiles. So, while autonomous vehicles are still very far away, here are the things that you can expect them to have in the future.

Personalized Interiors

Right now, car owners have the freedom to customize the exterior of their vehicles. They can pick a bold and unique color to suit their style or add fun graphics by applying car wraps to stand out among the traffic. Drivers can also add accessories that can be useful or stylish such as better headlights and taillights.

While there are a few ways drivers can customize the interior of their cars, autonomous vehicles will be personalized in ways that people have never seen before. Because vehicles are pretty independent, experts predict that drivers and passengers will treat their vehicles as an extension of their homes.

Automobile manufacturers such as General Motors and BMW have shown off prototypes of smart temperature controls and modular seating inside vehicles. People will get to take a nap or play video games inside their car while on their way to their destination.

Those who want to begin their work the moment they step out of their homes can also use their autonomous vehicle as an office space with high-speed internet (powered by 5G) for uninterrupted connection. You can send emails or attend a video conference call in your car.

Learning Preferences


An autonomous car can serve as your personal butler. It will be smart—smarter than any vehicle in the market right now. Aside from driving you to and from work, your autonomous car will have the capacity to learn your preferences. It will know where you usually park, adjust the internal temperature before you even step in, or drive you to a store where a product you are looking for is in stock.

Driverless cars will be able to do these tasks for you because they will be supported by artificial intelligence that can learn and improve by collecting data through use.

Accessibility Features

Modern cars are not very accessible to people living with disabilities, but autonomous vehicles would be. Driving itself is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy. Therefore, by eliminating it, more people will reap the benefits of having a private vehicle.

Because of self-driving cars, people who have blindness, the elderly, and those who use mobility aids can remain independent. They would not have to ask a loved one to drive them around, and they would not have to take public transportation to travel to their destinations. They can gain better control of their activities and movement.

Right now, there are over 25 million Americans who live with disabilities that make traveling difficult.

Connected Communication

A smart home connects different technologies to ensure the utmost convenience and comfort for the homeowner. When the thermostat senses that it is hot out, it will lower the indoor temperature to keep the house cool. When it is dark out, the lights will automatically turn on.

The same will happen in the future except on a much broader scale. Imagine an entire smart city where cars are not just autonomous but constantly collecting and sharing data. Two vehicles driving down the highway would know where the other would go to avoid a collision. If you want to order takeout, you can pick from a digital menu before heading to the store. Once there, your car will park outside the establishment and alert the crew that you are ready to receive your food.

When you are heading home, your car will automatically send data to your house to enable the lights and the thermostat to start running. When you arrive, the gates will be opened, the door will be unlocked for you, and the fireplace will be burning.

Final Thoughts

Automobiles are still evolving. While the next generation of cars, which will be fully autonomous, is still far away, the future is exciting.


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