Heres How a Windshield Replaced in Less Than One Minute

Some cracks or chinks in a windshield or windscreen preclude its continued use. Instead, the vehicle owner needs to have the windshield replaced. This video explains how the auto glass technicians handle the removal of the existing windshield and the method of installing the new windshield.

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Now, let’s cover what this video doesn’t.

On newer vehicles, the manufacturers include sensors in the windshield that link to the onboard computer and other mechanical systems. When the technician replaces the windshield, they re-install the sensors, too. They also re-link them to the computer and other mechanical parts. The sensors may need recalibration before they function properly.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions on how to calibrate the sensors. This activity may require the use of the vehicle’s touchscreen or the manufacturer’s mobile app. Plan how you will do this before taking the vehicle to the auto glass technician because you may need to recalibrate the sensors before leaving the auto shop. In some cases, you may need to re-enter the custom settings that you created.

Older vehicles do not include these sensors, so this step isn’t necessary. A little online research before taking the vehicle in for servicing will let you know if your vehicle year requires this recalibration of the sensors. Drive safer by planning your windshield replacement far in advance.


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