Safety Precautions when Painting Your Car

Painting a car in a car paint booth does not count as a daily maintenance task that a car owner should undertake. However, most car owners may find the need to repaint their car at least once in their life. The paint job often entails repeated sanding of the car surface, application of fillers, and painting multiple layers of paint. While car technicians have the right skills to carry out an auto body paint job, they must still follow the necessary safety guidelines while at it. There is no auto paint job that is worth the consequences of neglecting safety procedures. Some of the safety concerns that one should observe are the following:

The Paint Space Should be Ventilated

Paints contain volatile organic compounds, which are harmful chemicals when inhaled. These compounds are released in the air after opening a can of paint. These fumes can last up to 3 days. The designers of auto paint booths take into consideration the release of these fumes thus creating well-ventilated booths.

Get a Respirator

It is necessary to have a respirator every time you use a spray gun. There are air-supplied respirators in the market which are the best types of respirators one can get. You can also get cartridge-based respirators which filter chemicals before one breathes them in. These filters require changing on a regular basis. It is important to test fit these respirators so that they may offer optimal protection.

Cover Your Skin

Paint leeches out fumes that are harmful to both your lungs and skin. Most polyurethane-based paints contain isocyanates which are toxic to the human skin. One should consider wearing a paint suit that covers the full body, gloves, and safety glasses for maximum protection.

Handle Spills Immediately

Spills are not an uncommon thing when conducting any paint job. Spills can make the paint space untidy and pose a serious hazard. A person may steps on the spill unknowingly and slip, causing injury to the body. The spill can also spread to other areas of the workspace, causing unnecessary unsightliness. The best way to handle paint spills is to pause your painting and clean the spill once it occurs.

Understand the Paint’s MSDS

Every paint product comes with a material safety data sheet in the paint package. The data sheet lists the ingredients in the paint, both harmful and harmless. You can also find this datasheet online in case you misplace the one that came with your paint. Besides offering information on the components of the paint, this data sheet contains other details such as the approximate dry time, temperature, and ideal environment to paint your car in.

Safety is not a debatable concern when painting your car. It does not matter if you are filling in just a little paint on a scratch or are transforming the entire look of your car. Once you ignore following the safety guidelines when painting your car, you end up risking your health. Also, when needed, get a car paint booth from a trusted supplier where you can carry out all your painting painting job

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