Socially Distance by Going on a Road Trip Retreat by Yourself

Having a private vehicle is a privilege in the time of social distancing. It’s kind of like a room on wheels. Because you’re already in an enclosed space, the car is a haven from potential health threats from the outside world.

One thing almost everyone missed since the coronavirus hit is the great outdoors. The warm summer breeze. The naturally chilly air after a hike. Looking at the horizon and contemplating life. Listening to the ebb and flow of waves. There are so many places to visit—if only traveling wasn’t restricted all around the globe.

If you’re one to explore as many destinations as you can in your life, it’s hard to waste one perfectly great weather lounging at home. Don’t worry, though, because your trusty truck is your best friend.

Set up a Sleeping Area at the Back of the Car

Aside from carrying heavy loads, the back of a truck is enough space to sleep in. It’s even better when you add truck shells to enclose the space for more protection and privacy. You can throw in a duvet or anything soft to lay on. Then, add a few pillows and a comforter to make it a cozy space for dozing off under the stars. If you want to wake up to a beautiful view, park the truck with the trunk facing the mountains, the beach, etc.

woman driving

A Playlist

Listening to music while driving amps you up. It can also make you feel like you’re in a movie montage, living the life of a hero trying to find themselves. Most of all, listening to music helps you calm down and beat stress while driving. Researchers have found that listening to music while driving decreases the heart rate variability of the driver, and as a result, helps them cope better with difficult driving challenges. Download all your favorite songs and ready your driving playlist.

Meditation Guides

Aside from songs, consider downloading audio meditation guides as well. These walk you through guided meditations or meditations that have a specific purpose. For example, guides could be for inner peace, slowing down, or reconnecting to oneself. From beginning to end, the speaker steers your thoughts, breathing, and mantras, so you can achieve the goal at the end of the session. On Spotify, they are in the form of podcasts. Some guided meditations are also available on YouTube.

Art Stuff

Think about chilling by the beach while reading a book you’ve been meaning to start forever. Think about standing at the edge of a cliff while letting your hand have fun with a paintbrush. Maybe, during this trip, you might do some introspection, journal, or write the next award-winning story. In this trip, you’ll never know what you’re going to be up to, so it’s always safe to be accompanied by art. Through so many ways, art can steer you away from boredom.

Going on a road trip to catch a glimpse of those mountains and beaches without having to interact with people is completely possible. It’s also a great way to spend time with yourself and key in a few hours of alone time. So, make sure to pack and plan all the essentials before hitting the road, but also don’t forget the music, comfort, and art.

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