Window Tinting Is More Important Than You Might Think

Often, window tinting is seen as a luxury more than what it is – practical. Whether you live somewhere as chilly as Fargo, ND or in scorching Phoenix, AZ, window tinting is for you.

Get ready to debunk the idea of having tinted windows as merely an aesthetic accessory to your vehicle and read up on the many ways that it can help you!

It protects you from UV rays

According to a study conducted in 2016, the average American drives for 17,600 minutes in a year. Let’s say half of that time is spent during the day, that’s still 8,800 minutes or to put it directly, 147 hours! This result can only mean that in a year, you unconsciously expose yourself to harmful sunlight for six days straight. To top that off, untinted windows can even amplify sunlight and therefore put you at risk of being exposed to the highest levels of sunshine possible. Places like Phoenix, AZ are more likely to have this problem.

If you’re trying to avoid the whole skin cancer ordeal, then equipping your car windows with high-quality tint can help you in the prevention of unnecessary health concerns.

It helps you beat the heat

Woman wearing a sunglasses while drivingLogically, people might assume that adding a tint to your car might be contributing to the rising heat in your vehicle. This concept was learned primarily in the study of chemistry, how dark objects tend to absorb and retain heat best among other colors.

The temperature inside a car is on average the sum of the temperature outside plus almost half the number of the former. So let’s say that it’s 65 degrees out today. Within a short time parked under the sun, the temperature inside your car can quickly spike to 97.5 degrees. Again, imagine the heat in Phoenix, AZ.

Overheating is not a problem with window-tinted cars. They can even help reduce the passing of weather through the glass by more than 80% as opposed to the 30% reduction from non-tinted windows.

For those who live in colder climates, do not fret! Window tinting your car also aids heat retention when you’re using a heater because it prevents the heat from escaping the vehicle.

Its sturdiness can save your life or even your belongings’ lives

This fact may be a little unfamiliar to a lot of people but window tinting your car can make it more durable. The film that is layered and used in tinting acts as a cohesive for the window to stay intact when pressure forces it apart.

Imagine someone attacking you with a bat while you seek refuge in your car, or maybe getting into an accident that would send you flying through the windshields. Pretty scary, right? Now with a tinted window, you get a few extra seconds to rev your engine and get out of there before the attacker breaks the window. In the second scenario, you’re left with more minor injuries as opposed to when you would have gone flying out.

Window tinting your car proves itself to be more practical than a splurge. So whether you’re looking for more privacy or simply wanting to get these benefits, window tinting is the way to go.

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