Modifications for Maximizing a Sprinter Van’s Payload Capacity

Freightliner came into being in 1930 with a simple principle: to deliver what workers all over the world needed. Since then, this company has grown to become the leading manufacturer of heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles. One of its leading products is the Sprinter van. Their latest model features brake assist, radar sensors, 360-degree cameras, and assist monitors to boost the safety of passengers and cargo.

One of the key aspects you will base your choice of a Freightliner Sprinter for sale at a dealership in Salt Lake City on is its payload capacity. This represents the van’s total weight capacity. The capacity you opt for will determine the weight of the passengers, cargo, and fuel that your van will comfortably handle. Most Sprinter van models have a payload capacity of approximately 5,375 pounds. If this seems insufficient for your needs, it does not mean opting for an inferior van. There are several upgrades your dealership can offer to maximize your van’s payload capacity. Here are some of them:

Upgrade the Rear Springs

Your van’s overall weight is evenly distributed across four springs that support your tires’ suspension. The rear springs will bear more pressure than the front ones on a loaded van. By upgrading the rear springs, you can maximize your truck’s payload capacity. There are two types of rear springs: coil and leaf springs. The strength of a leaf spring depends on the number of springs that you will use, while that of a coil spring is dependent on the thickness that you will opt for.

Install Coil-Over Shock Absorbers

Yellow coil-over shock absorberEven vans with upgraded suspension systems are at risk of undesired swaying if you load them to a maximum. Additional coil-over shock absorbers in your van’s rear suspension system will increase its stability and minimize its vibrations even over rough terrain. These shock absorbers will not directly boost the payload of your van but rather eliminate unnecessary movements when you are in motion with a loaded van, thus helping you maximize your van’s payload capacity.

Add Bed Racks

You can mount bed racks to the sides of your Sprinter van to increase its bunk space for cargo. The side-mounted racks will free up your van’s bed space for the hauling of extra furnishings and boxes. The bed racks will also prove useful in the loading of items, which are unusually long and cannot fit the bed of your van. Bed racks increase your van’s payload capacity through the provision of extra storage space.

Attach a Trailer

Sprinter vans are typically built for the hauling of heavy objects through their overall payload capacity, and bed size will limit how much you can carry. A trailer might be the ideal solution to increase your van’s payload. There are some modifications a dealership might include to your van to accommodate a specific trailer’s weight and maximize its payload capacity.

The modifications mentioned above might be just what you need to make your van ideal for the hauling of your cargo. They will also increase the number of passengers you can carry and their comfort in the van. This way, you can benefit from all that a Freightliner Sprinter van has to offer while maximizing your loads.

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