What it Takes to Create Effective Traffic Sign Designs

Signs are important. They serve a variety of functions, from advertising to providing warnings, especially about road constructions that could hamper a smooth trip.

Construction companies who are responsible for road works are obliged to provide effective signage to give the public a heads up of what they are getting themselves into. Such signage must be given adequate attention, from designing to placement, to keep the public safe against untoward incidents on the road and the construction company from the liability for any accident their works may cause.

Before Any Road Work Starts

The placement of a “Road Work Ahead” sign that can be bought for sale must be done simultaneously when work starts at the site. That means the warning signs must be designed a few days or weeks ahead of time.

Construction companies must have the appropriate signs, as they prepare to dig, close, restrict, construct, or reconstruct any part of the road anywhere. It is their sole duty to be ready with the suitable signs that will give the public the proper guidance and notice how to adjust to the road work being done. It is very important that they are responsible to provide road work signs that are effective and clear.

The Elements of Good Sign Design

Traffic signs

As with any signage, traffic signs, or road work ahead signs need to be clear with their purpose. They should contain the information that will tell the public the road conditions in just a glance. For the protection of everyone using the road — motorists and pedestrians — the sign design must be carefully drafted. Here are a few insights to good road safety sign design:

  • Keeping it visible. One of the things to prioritise when designing a road safety sign is visibility. The signage must be easily read and seen whether it’s daytime or nighttime. For that, you must be mindful of the play of colours and the actual layout. Unlike promotional signage, they do not have to be impressive. As long as the signs are legible and visible, they could be as simple and neat and still prove effective.
  • Keeping it informative. Apart from keeping the sign visible, it pays to keep it detailed. The information contained in the road safety sign is far more important than its layout. It should be able to say as much of the road condition and the road works ahead. The terminology must also be intelligible for even ordinary people.
  • Keeping it attention-grabbing. When people come across road safety signs, they should not just pass through. The signage should stir up curiosity, enough for people to pay attention and actually follow it. Otherwise, its whole point is lost.

Road works are inevitable. At some point, construction works might be allowed to enhance the experience and safety of the public. But construction companies should mind about road safety while the process is ongoing and putting up the appropriate signs could help. Just make sure the road work ahead sign for sale that you use are clear and effective to make the most of their value and purpose.

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