No Garage or Parking Lot? Protect Your Car from the Sun

Having a car as an asset and maintaining it properly are two different things. Although we love the idea of having our own car, not everyone is doing their job as responsible car owners. One example is letting the car be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

Going out in scorching weather hurts our skin, and our cars are not an exception. The temperature inside our cars can go over 145°F, and it can go further up to 200°F when left under the sun. It’s common knowledge that prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays harms human skin. Still, these damaging rays also harm automobile paint by letting it fade and oxidize, making your car look worn out ahead of its time.

The garage is a perfect place to park a vehicle, but not all car owners are lucky enough to have a secure hiding place for their vehicle. Some car owners resort to auto window tinting as an alternative to protect their cars from harmful UV rays. But besides window tinting, there are other effective ways to secure your car from different weather conditions.

The last thing you want is to let outside elements take their toll on your car’s value and aesthetics. If you’re one of the unlucky car owners who don’t have a covered parking space, here are some ways to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of heat and sun.

Look for shades

Parking your car under the shade is the best alternative if there’s no shaded garage available. When the sun is up, and the UV rays don’t reach your car directly, the generated heat won’t cause serious issues to the vehicle.

Most car owners forget this rule once laziness gets the best of them, or they’re in an extreme hurry. They will park the car in any vacant space without thinking about the sun’s effect. Remember that your car is already heating up because you’ve driven it for some time, and leaving it exposed leads to potential disasters.

Regardless of how tough it is to find a covered area, always find a shade to park your car. Paying for a parking space is more economical than allowing subsequent car damage to cost you more than paying for a shade.

But if there’s no shade around, a car cover will do the trick. This is a great investment for your car to protect it from outdoor threats if there’s no available shade for parking. Instead of looking for something inexpensive, durability and quality should be your top priority. Quality outdoor car covers are water-resistant with breathable all-weather features.

washing car

Wash it often

Here’s a fact: regular car wash protects the car paint from harmful UV rays. Many car owners prefer this approach because they find it convenient to use detergent or soap to preserve the car’s exterior.

If your car is sitting under the sun the entire day, car experts recommend washing it twice every week. You can find special car shampoos or soaps to maintain its paint. Avoid using dishwashing soap because they contain high acid levels, which cause the car to lose its shine. A great tip is to buy quality car wash detergent or soap for better protection.

After washing, be sure to wipe the car dry. Letting it dry will ruin the car’s exterior and its overall appeal because of the leftover water spots. Thus, the most effective technique to protect the car’s exterior from heat is to wipe it dry using a microfiber car cloth or drying towel. This will remove all damp spots and retain the car’s shine.

Use special products to protect car paint

Investing in car products is also a great way to protect the car’s exterior from the sun. Some examples are car wax and paint protection film. An auto wax serves as UV ray protection, protecting the exteriors from dirt, dust, scratches, and other external harm. It will also keep the car looking clean and smooth for up to eight to ten months.

Meanwhile, a paint protection film also does the same purpose by protecting the car from outside elements such as heat, UV rays, dust, rocks, grime, and tar. It looks like a tiny invisible film that you can apply to the car’s entire body to let the paint last longer.

These preventive measures are proven ways to provide extra protection for your vehicle from heat and other weather damage. But be sure to know the best option suitable for your car and budget. In the end, it’s important to keep your car safe and cool no matter how hot it gets outside. Simple upkeep and preventative measures can go a long way by keeping you on the road and out of the mechanic’s garage.

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